The Best Gear for Working Out

Posted on Nov 2, 2018

The Best Gear for Working Out

When you’re working out, you want the challenge to come from what you are doing, not from what you are wearing. Straps that slide, pants that ride up (or down!), or t-shirts that get stinky the more you exercise are enough to turn anyone into a couch potato!

Xterity 3.0’s line of workout gear for men and women provide just the right amount of support and comfort to let you focus on your exercise routine.

And our body mapping intelligence takes workout gear design to a higher level. Considering not only the shape of your body but how your body moves and where heat and moisture is produced, we constructed our clothing to be breathable and cooling for maximum comfort.

It’s all about “comfort mapping”— clothing that fits your body and your needs, so you can concentrate on your performance!


A sports bra that supports in comfort

Nonstop, hard-working, strong and determined…that’s you. You’re ready to take on any challenge, push past your limits and get the most from your workout.

Not your conventional athletic bra, our Nonstop Women’s Seamless Racerback Bra is supportive yet able to stretch when and where you need it. Made of soft, four-way stretch fabric, it’s seamless support is designed to offer ultimate ease of movement. The breathable mesh is both stylish and functional, keeping you cool and dry no matter how hard you’re working out.


A tank that’s sleek, stylish and high-performing

Sleek and stylish—two words not typically associated with workout clothing. And yet that’s what the Strive Women’s Seamless Tank Top promises, and so much more. Made of lightweight fabric, our racerback tank ensures the ultimate ease of movement, whether you’re doing cardio, yoga stretches or just engaged in everyday activities.

Designed by women for women, this tank is designed to flatter any figure. Featuring 360° four-way stretch, our tank comfortably hugs your torso yet offers maximum flexibility — it’s guaranteed to become your favorite workout shirt. The no-side seam construction minimizes rubbing and chafing, while the breathable mesh back allows air flow and moisture control to help keep you dry.


The ultimate no-limitations yoga pant

The ultimate in style and strength, our yoga pants are made for women who like to defy limitations.

Comfort, control and convenience—a tall order for any workout pant and one that our Defy Women’s Seamless Leggings meets with ease. Our full-length legging is made of stretch fabric with just the right amount of spandex for the ultimate in comfort and durability with no show through. The nearly seam-free construction minimizes rubbing and chafing, while the knit-in mesh panels in the calf allow for breathability to keep you cool.

Our legging features a high waistband with pocket — perfectly sized to hold your smartphone, key or credit card — and tummy control design to minimize muffin tops, while compression in hips and thighs provide a smooth appearance.


A workout top that never quits
When you’re training, it’s all about focus, determination and effort. The last thing you want is to be worrying about odor, dealing with uncomfortable chafing or fighting clothing that restricts your movement.

That’s why the Xterity 3.0 Propel Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt is your ideal T-shirt. Made of lightweight yet durable fabric with anti-odor technology, this tee keeps you feeling fresh and dry. Featuring body mapping design and breathable mesh, this sport tech shirt has air flow to keep moisture in control.

Whichever form your workout takes — from lifting heavy weights to child’s pose — the Xterity 3.0 line of workout gear for men and women will let you push your limits in comfort and style!

Here’s a few of our favorite fitness products to mix in with your favorite Xterity 3.0 gear — perfect whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy day-to-day or trying to up your workout intensity!

 A sock made to propel any workout
A great pairing to our Xterity 3.0 activewear, we love The Comfort Sock for men and women. Low Cut Sport Socks offer targeted cushioning on the ball and heel of the foot for both high and low-impact activities like running or walking. Versatile for all-day wear, each pair is made with breathable cotton and a comfort toe seam.

Put these socks to the test with your most intense workouts. Guaranteed to perform each time, added arch support compression reduces foot fatigue and keeps each pair in place — putting your days of sock slippage behind you!


A bottle to quench your thirst
For ultimate hydration, check out Embrava water bottles. Made to be the go-to sports water bottle, these thirst-quenchers have a leak proof lid for zero stress over spills. Secure but easily accessible with a one-click open, every bottle is eco-friendly and BPA free. That means you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals, ever.

Created with a sleek and stylish design, drinking from Embrava bottles offers the same taste as a glass bottle but with shatter resistant durability. Both the 17oz and 32oz are offered in multiple colors, so you can pick the perfect size and color for you.


A mat to change how you yoga
Calling all yogis — find your zen with this Cork Yoga Mat from Basically Perfect. Whether you love traditional yoga or prefer to sweat it out at hot yoga, this cork mat is eco friendly and has an ultra-functional non-slip surface that gets grippier the more you sweat!

Naturally antimicrobial, each Basically Perfect mat is self-sanitizing and is made to ensure it will never chip. Designed with a fresh, earthy feel, this cork mat is completely organic and toxic-free. Enhance your yoga experience and practice with confidence using the highest quality cork yoga mat around.

Every workout counts, so let Xterity 3.0 keep you comfortable and focused. And even though sweat may be our favorite accessory, we hope you try adding some of our suggestions into your weekly training routine or even as a part of your everyday!