Discover the Inspiration Behind Xterity 3.0

Discover the Inspiration Behind Xterity 3.0

Posted on Nov 2, 2018

Discover the Inspiration Behind Xterity 3.0

Xterity 3.0 activewear was designed to be unlike any other performance apparel brand. Perfect for both all-day wear and intense workouts, Xterity 3.0 clothing is made with unique features and stylish design to provide comfort and a seamless, smooth appearance.

Created by experienced fashion designer, Danya Merson, each piece of Xterity 3.0 gear offers ultra-functional details incorporating a modern design. With a background in activewear apparel, Danya knew exactly how to make the Xterity 3.0 line a one-of-a-kind experience for every active lifestyle. Learn the inspiration behind her designs from our Q&A with the talented designer.


What do you typically draw inspiration from when you’re tasked with a new apparel design project?

The best inspiration for me comes from less obvious sources first. While it is always inspiring to look to runway collections for inspiration, I love looking at art for color and print ideas. I’m inspired by how nature, architecture and home design use color and mixing of textures and patterns. A huge source of my inspiration for details and craftsmanship come from vintage styles.

Additionally, I teach yoga and am very active myself, so seeing fabrics and styles that perform on the body of my students and feeling it on my own body firsthand is truly the most informative outlet for my activewear designs.


When you were designing the Xterity 3.0 line, what aspects were you hoping would set the line apart from its competitors?

We wanted every detail to be useful to the customer with features like body mapping technology — placing mesh in areas where we sweat most — and a smooth, tummy control waistband. What makes Xterity 3.0 unique are our streamlined and modern designs, keeping all the most important performance details to really enhance the customer’s experience and support an active lifestyle.  


In your opinion, what does the Xterity 3.0 line aspire to be?

Xterity 3.0 has the opportunity to blaze its own course and identity with an opportunity to connect to the customer and tell a story. Xterity 3.0 can create a new niche as a seamless and modern line, offering high performance details and a message of sustainability — something so important these days.


Are there specific color trends that you drew inspiration from for this line?

Our first collection offers a lean color palette to create a strong point of view. We include core colors such as black and grey and infuse beautiful pops of blues to even out the assortment. We will definitely be adding more fashion colors in as we seasonally evolve this collection.


What helped you determine the materials / fabrics / textiles for this line?

It was a collaborative process between our partners at Interloop in Pakistan and the team here in the US. We experimented with different weights and fabric contents to arrive at the best possible composition for the products. We needed the right balance of weight and flexibility/tension in the fabric to prevent any opacity and ensure the garment stretches and compresses when worn. We plan on expanding on this and adding even more performance attributes to the fabrics in the upcoming seasons.


The mesh details and panels in this line are both functional and appealing. What inspired this?

Form and function are always at the forefront of activewear design. The body and movement inspired the design lines and mesh panels. The lines were designed to accentuate the female/male form and mesh panels to allow ventilation when moving.


Why did you decide to become a fashion designer and what is your favorite part of being in this field?

From as young as I can remember, I have always loved fashion. I can remember insisting on picking out my own outfits as young as 4 years old! I worked in retail as soon as I could and then went to school in NYC at the Fashion Institute of Technology and never looked back.

I love that fashion today has completely evolved. There is much more of a transparency in how things are done with a focus on sustainability. Personally, as a customer, I am drawn to and am loyal to brands when I identify with their intentions and values. Being able to design activewear has married my passion for fashion with my passion for wellness. Creating product that ultimately enhances the well-being of the customer is what motivates me.


Is there a fashion icon or celebrity that you love?

I am fascinated by female celebrity entrepreneurs that have been able to build wellness empires.

Kate Hudson has energy, authenticity and focus on wellness and an active lifestyle. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Alicia Silverstone all created massive, successful brands and were at the forefront of the wellness movement.

On a pure style front – I am obsessed with any style coming out the 1920’s art deco era: architecture, clothing, jewelry and art… a very eclectic answer, I know! 😊


Do you have any fashion forecasts for the coming year?  

Production transparency and having an element of sustainability is going to be the norm and expected in the very near future. I believe customers will continue to be able to engage with brands through wear testing, recycling programs, as brand ambassadors and grass root focus groups.

The focus on inclusivity and authenticity will continue. All body types being embraced I think will continue to drive the importance of plus sizing.


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