A Look Behind The Scenes

Posted on Oct 15, 2018

A Look Behind The Scenes

Bright-eyed and with coffee in hand, we started our early morning in the studio for the first day of our photoshoot venture in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio.

With the upcoming launch of our activewear brand Xterity 3.0, we were on a mission to capture striking shots of the performance pieces for our website. Working with the talented Jeff Downie (Downie Photography), experienced design agency Array Creative and brilliant makeup artist Kellie Thomson, our first day was focused on capturing a variety of shots that highlight the many features that make Xterity 3.0 products unique.

Before we could get started on our full day of shooting, Kellie worked with our talent — Anthony and Jovana — creating a fresh, natural look to complement the activewear. With a wide fashion portfolio, Kellie was able to elevate both models’ natural beauty and deliver the bright, authentic style we were looking for.


Dressed and ready to go, Anthony (in the Propel Men’s Seamless Anti-Odor Sport T-shirt) and Jovana (in the Defy Women’s Seamless Leggings) fiercely modeled their first outfits. Strategic in their approach, Jeff and the Downie team photographed each piece of the Xterity 3.0 line, highlighting key features of each product along with the multiple color offerings. The Downie team beautifully showcased every aspect of the clothing line with a range of front, back, side and detailed angles.

Little did we know, a third model would be joining in the photoshoot fun. Anthony never travels without his adorable companion Fufu by his side. Making his own cameo on set, we think he was having as much fun as we were!

Wrapping up our successful day in-studio, our team was very pleased (and exhausted!), ready to be on-location the next day.



Sunny (early!) morning skies and breathtaking lake views allowed for gorgeous lighting that begged to be taken advantage of on day two! Jeff and his team worked quickly to capture daybreak and show the unlimited possibilities that can be achieved in our Xterity 3.0 apparel.

Each piece of our Xterity 3.0 activewear is made to perform, no matter the activity. Anthony and Jovana expertly displayed this unique feature in a jogging series — with Fufu included! Bouncing off each other’s energy, our models created fun and edgy looks for the camera. Anthony and Jovana worked together effortlessly for a great mix of active and still photos, showing off the pieces in their best light — (no pun intended!).


We wrapped the morning shoot and traveled to downtown Cleveland. Because Xterity 3.0 clothing is comfy and versatile, we felt the urban environment would perfectly reflect life’s endless hustle and bustle. Our activewear is made for those days when only seamless design and breathable fit will do — for your most extreme workouts and those days spent running errands.

Being our last destination, we spent our afternoon outside of the Huntington Convention Center, a location recommended by Downie for its sleek architecture and beautiful city backgrounds. Saving the most intense (and perhaps best) poses for last, we ended with some super sweaty shots, putting our Xterity 3.0 apparel to the test!



 Fun Fact: To achieve the perfect look of glistening sweatiness, we had to dump water over our models and even utilize spray-sweat (yes, that’s a thing!). Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot, right??


After two long days filled with early mornings, multiple venues, and many pieces of Xterity 3.0 clothing, our photoshoot turned out even better than we envisioned. We captured stunning images of our activewear, highlighting exclusive features set in a backdrop of spectacular environments.

With a great team of super talented individuals, we captured the breadth of the Xterity 3.0 offering in the most radiant way — as pieces made to enhance your everyday.